IDA GOTKOVSKY (b.1933): Variations pathétiques, LEX VAN DELDEN (1919-1988): Sonatina, Op. 36, MARC EYCHENNE (b.1933): Saxophone Sonata, YVON BOURREL (b.1932): Saxophone Sonata, Op. 18.

Catalogue Number: 09T066

Label: Mark Records

Reference: 52958-MCD

Format: CD

Price: $9.98

Description: A very attractive recital of instantly appealing tonal works from well off the beaten track. Gotkovsky is especially interesting; she studied with Boulanger and Messiaen, and espouses an artistic credo in search of an 'universal musical language' widely appealing and with a strong structural basis. She wrote a substantial trombone concerto which is well overdue for its recorded début. Variations pathétiques consists of six movements with much thematic cross-referencing (also to other works in her output, a characteristic of the composer), in an harmonically adventurous and individual style, traversing a wide range of expression and emotion. The three short sonatas, by respectively a Netherlands composer, an Algerian and a Frenchman, are in turn neoclassical, neo-romantic (with a lovely lyrical slow movement and much jazzy syncopation in the first movement), and very French, the last (Bourrel) with a post-impressionistic harmonic freedom due to its incessant modulations. Ann Bradfield (sax), Dmitri Vorobiev (piano).


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