Lights Out - SAMUEL WESLEY (1766-1837): Birthday Song, HENRY PURCELL (1659-1695): If music be the food of love, SULYEN CARADON (b.1942): Clouds, The Dancer, Dorian Dirge, Lelant, Dawn, Margaret’s Song, O lovely England, E.J. MOERAN (1895-1950): Rosefrail, Rahoon, Loveliest of Trees, 6 Songs of Seamus O’Sullivan, ALISON EDGAR (1927-2007): Lyonesse, IVOR GURNEY (1890-1937): Salley Gardens, All night under the moon, Severn meadows, Nine of the clock, O, Lights Out, SARAH RODGERS (b.1953): Acacia Tree, JEFFREY WHITTON (b.1957): Little Vagabond, LAURA SHUR: The Smile. Rec. 2003. Texts included. Georgina Colwell (soprano), Clare Griffel (mezzo), Paul Martyn-West, Ian Partridge (tenors), Jonathan Wood (baritone), Nigel Foster, Peter Jacobs (piano).

Catalogue Number: 09T053

Label: Diversions

Reference: ddv24165

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: These four albums are of live English Poetry and Song Society concert performances made by the now defunct Dunelm label for private use and are now offered to the broader collecting public for the first time. They contain works by major as well as unfamiliar composers. These recordings were made on portable recording equipment and with less than ideal microphone placement and are not to our usual modern standard. However they contain fine performances and many very unfamiliar and exquisite songs, which will delight any lover of late-Romantic English vocal music.


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