The Great War - ANON.: I want to go home, IVOR GURNEY (1890-1937): War’s Bright Embers, GERAINT LEWIS (b.1958): Four Songs of Rupert Brooke, JOHN IRELAND (1879-1962): Four Songs of War, GEOFFREY KIMPTON (b.1927): Winter Warfare, MARGARET WEGENER (b.1920): The Cenotaph, JOHN R. WILLIAMSON (b.1929): I Stood with the Dead, Before the Battle, DUNCAN REID (b.1959): I Did Not Lose my Heart, DENNIS WICKENS (b.1926): Attack, ELAINE HUGH-JONES (b.1927): The End, JEROME KERN (1885-1945): We’ll Never Tell Them.

Catalogue Number: 09T052

Label: Diversions

Reference: ddv24164

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: These four albums are of live English Poetry and Song Society concert performances made by the now defunct Dunelm label for private use and are now offered to the broader collecting public for the first time. They contain works by major as well as unfamiliar composers. These recordings were made on portable recording equipment and with less than ideal microphone placement and are not to our usual modern standard. However they contain fine performances and many very unfamiliar and exquisite songs, which will delight any lover of late-Romantic English vocal music. Rec. 2004 and 1993 (Ireland). Texts included. Jeremy Huw Williams (baritone), Nigel Foster (piano).


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