DONALD TOVEY (1875-1940): Chamber Music, Vol. 2 - Piano Quintet in C, Op. 6 (First Recording), Variations on a Theme by Gluck for Flute and String Quartet, Op. 28.

Catalogue Number: 09T003

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0226

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: After almost nine years the second volume in this series appears. Our blurb for the first (11K074), of two piano trios, described Tovey’s works as “more Brahmsian than Brahms” and two Guild releases in 2010 (11M062) and 2011 (04M012) gave us a string quartet, a piano quartet and another piano trio with “even more Brahmsian warmth and melody”. Now we get the biggest catch yet, a four-movement, 55-minute piano quintet from 1900 (same year as the piano quartet), an expansive, Brahmsian (what else?) piece on a symphonic scale in which Tovey’s skills as harmonist, melodist, contrapuntal master and concert pianist create a perfect storm of Germanic late Romanticism. Yet the 1913 Gluck variations are a model of bright Classical concision. Ormesby Ensemble.


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