IVÁN FISCHER (b.1951): Composer’s Portrait 1 - Fanfare for 2 Trumpets, Bass Trombone and Percussion, La Malinconia for Female Choir, Flute and Bass Clarinet, Spinoza-Vertalingen for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet and Piano Trio, A Nay Kleyd for Soprano and Piano, Eine Deutsch-Jiddische Kantate for Soprano, Trumpet and Strings, Shudh Sarange-Sextet for String Quintet and Tabla, Tsuchigumo for 2 Singers, Dancer and Child Role.

Catalogue Number: 09S068

Label: Channel Classics

Reference: CCS 34516

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

No Longer Available

Description: The celebrated conductor of the Budapest Festival Orchestra turns out to be a highly accomplished composer. Not, on the basis of this thoroughly enjoyable disc, one with aspirations to produce monumental symphonies or to change the course of music history (he has remarked that "I am not a modern composer. Do not expect modern music"), though, politically outspoken, his music can carry a satirical social bite. He seems to be most at home as a miniaturist, writing beautifully crafted, tonal little pieces which draw from a diverse range of influences, notably Weill, Eisler, Mahler, Schubert, Yiddish song and jazz, though the sextet both incorporates fleeting references to other repertoire from Fischer's vast conducting experience, and takes a wonderfully unexpected turn into Indian music. The miniature Cantata is a collage of Baroque-style settings of Goethe and Rilke and Weill-like 'degenerate music' and Yiddish melody; the political point from a member of an 'assimilated Jewish' family is unmistakable, but delivered with a deft lightness of touch that characterizes all these delicious little pieces. Texts and English translations. Nora Fischer, Mattthias Kadar (singers), Wim van Hasselt (trumpet), Kobra Ensemble.


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