OLE BUCK (b.1945): Works for Sinfonietta - Fiori de ghiaccio, A Tree, [Untitled], Flower Ornament Music.

Catalogue Number: 09S065

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 8.226589

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: These attractive, tonal works fall firmly into the 'new simplicity' category, with clear links to minimalism. But Buck's style is more versatile, and the works more concerned with Romantic expression and image-painting than this might suggest. The 2010 work [untitled] is a good case in point. A modern Pictures at an Exhibition, [untitled] comprises a series of sections that are made up of insistent repeated cells of very limited material, but each 'picture' is of vastly different character, and some of the material is abrupt, harsh and dissonant, so there is little of the sense of slow, meditative metamorphosis often associated with minimalism. The two earlier works from the 1990s, Fiori, with its ice-sculpted flower forms, and A Tree, growing from unformed beginnings to ever more patterned dendritic structures, contain many of the gestures that we associate with Glass, but the works' sense of development and rapid juxtaposition of mood and ideas suggest what might be glibly described as a kind of 'highlights reel'; Glass for people who don't have the patience for Glass. The largest, and most varied and ambitious work here is Flower Ornament Music (2001), its title taken from a Sanskrit word, its inspiration from Zen Buddhism. Beginning, like A Tree, with abstract, calligraphic instrumental gestures, it gradually gathers shape, pattern, momentum and form, and a dramatic contour that includes striking dynamic climaxes of well-nigh Mahlerian heft and intensity within its pulsating, organic form. Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen; Jesper Nordin.


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