MARIO LAVISTA (b.1943): Divertimento para una coreografía imaginaria, FEDERICO IBARRA (b.1945): Sonata for 2 Cellos and Piano, LEONARDO CORAL (b.1962): Los Misterios de la Noche, GABRIELA ORTIZ (b.1964): A Tarde Ser, CARLOS SÁNCHEZ GUTIÉRREZ (b.1965): Three Machines.

Catalogue Number: 09S063

Label: Lituus

Reference: LP003

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Lavista's Divertimento is a strange mixture of unfamiliar timbres - the cello part is largely played in harmonics, the piano is heavily 'prepared', producing soft, bell-like somorities - and very approachable, largely consonant, gamelan-like repeating gestures in simple harmonic combinations. Coral's “The Mysteries of the Night” is more conventional, four very tonal, neo-romantic pieces of varying character inspired by dreams, two strongly rhythmic and agile, two mysterious and clearly nocturnal in character. Ibarra's sonata for the sonorous and unusual combination of two cellos and piano is likewise tonal and thoroughly accessible, slightly toward the modern end of the neo-romantic spectrum. Gutiérrez' Machines are evocations of actual contemporary art pieces in the form of mechanisms, as eccentric, hypnotic and entertaining as the playful kinetic sculptures themselves (you can watch all the originals on YouTube; playing Gutierréz' piece as the soundtrack to the Fischli and Weiss film - it almost fits - is utterly priceless). The Ortiz consists of five little evocations of images in poems by Mónica Sánchez Escuar, oblique, enigmatic and aphoristic. Iracema de Andrade (cello), Edgardo Espinosa (cello - Ibarra), Edith Ruiz (piano).


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