ARTHUR LOURIÉ (1891-1966): Complete Piano Works, Vol. 1 - 5 préludes fragiles, Op. 1, 2 estampes, Op. 2, 2 Mazurkas, Op. 7, 4 poèmes, Op. 10, Formes en l’air, Masques, Upmann, a Smoking Sketch, Petite Suite in F*, Dialogue*. * - First Recordings.

Catalogue Number: 09S047

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP737

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This first volume traces the young Lourié’s journey from the Debussian Impressionism of his youthful préludes fragiles (1908-10) through the absorption of Scriabin's chromaticism in the eerie Masques of 1913 to the near-Cubism of Formes en l'air. Although Lourie was lauded - or derided - as a pioneering Futurist, his post-Revolutionary writing in France embraced a nostalgic neo-classicism represented by the Petite Suite of 1926; there is no date given in the notes for the four-minute Dialogue which is described as “a free fantasia of contrasting thematic ideas”. Giorgio Koukl (piano).


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