LORENZO FERRERO (b.1951): Tempi di Quartetto - First and Second Groups.

Catalogue Number: 09R072

Label: Klanglogo

Reference: KL1404

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These brief quartets - independent works which need not be performed in sequence or as a cycle - comprise two series, the first based more or less explicitly on the classical tradition, the second suggested by more contemporary idioms. The composer makes considerable use of repetition; in some cases, such as the first of each cycle, this gives the music a minimalist flavour; in others, motifs are subject to more conventional development or variation. Group 1 No.4 is a tribute to Beethoven, based on fragments of Op. 127 that form a dense mosaic of overlapping counterpoints, while No.6 evokes Haydn; all share neoclassical textures and an entirely tonal idiom. Group 2 opens with somewhat Pärt-like slow minimalism with some unexpected harmonic and rhythmic shifts. The second plays with clichés from film music, the third a genuinely moving late-romantic styled in memoriam piece for a friend, the third circles around minimalism but fails to conform to its strictures. The fifth borrows from non-classical music, slowed to funereal pace - think of Saint-Saëns' Tortoise can-can - and the large rough-hewn final piece evokes 'primitive' folk rhythms, inspired by the Kronos Quartet's collaborative 1992 album 'Pieces of Africa'. Quartetto di Cremona.


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