LOUIS AUBERT (1877-1968): Poemes arabes, Chants hébraiques, Chansons françaises, Nuit mauresque, Aigues-marines, De Ceylan, Au Pays, Pays sans nom, Vieille chanson espagnole, D'un berceau, La Berceuse du marin, Tendresse, La Mauvaise prière.

Catalogue Number: 09P045

Label: Maguelone

Reference: MAG 111.134

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Except for a Marco Polo orchestral disc 19 years ago, there has been very little music by this composer available in the CD period. This is an enticing disc for mélodie collectors due to its large helping of the exotic: habanera rhythms in Vieille Chanson Espagnole, the Poèmes Arabes and Nuit mauresque take one to North Africa, De Ceylan to Sri Lanka, the chants hébraïques are harmonizations of original Hebrew songs. The sea and the night join with the theme of travel - Au pays and Aigues marines are mysterious and delicate evocations of memories where sensuality and nostalgia mingle. For the discerning collector, this is heady stuff. French texts. Françoise Masset (soprano), Christophe Crapez (tenor), Claude Lavoix (piano). 2003 release.


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