DOROTHY HOWELL (1898-1982): Piano Concerto in D Minor, LILIAN ELKINGTON (1900-1969): Out of the Mist (Orion Symphony Orchestra; Toby Purser), CYRIL SCOTT (1879-1970): Harpsichord Concerto, SALOMON JADASSOHN (1831-1902): Serenade No. 3 in A, Op. 47. Malta Philharmonic Orchestra; Michael Laus (harpsichord).

Catalogue Number: 09O009

Label: Cameo Classics

Reference: CC9041CD

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: This hybrid of Cameo's German-Jewish series and British Premiere series brings us the very obscure young woman composer Elkrington's seven-minute tone poem of 1921, a cort├Ęge inspired by the return to Britain from France of the Unknown Warrior, melancholy, sad and elevated. You'll recognize Howell from the May 2009 release on this label of her tone-poem Lamia (05K001); its impressionistic color, crystalline textures and telling use of brass are again evident in this 1923 single-movement concerto of just under 20 minutes (Havergal Brian was impressed by it and Boult and Dan Godfrey programmed it). Scott's concerto dates from 1937 and since no Scott composition sounds exactly like any other Scott composition, you won't be surprised at striking harmonic color, Scriabinesque in the slow Pastoral Orentale movement, and some truly virtuosic demands on the harpsichordist. Jadassohn's last Serenade needs no introduction to those who own the first disc in this series. All but the Elkrington are World Premiere Recordings.


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