DAVID PHILIP HEFTI (b.1975): Rotas for Oboe and Orchestra (Thomas Indermühle [oboe], Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra; Rudolf Piehlmayer), Wunderhorn-Musik for Violin and Ensemble (Rahel Cunz [violin], Ensemble Theater am Gleis Winterthur; Jac van Steen).

Catalogue Number: 09M095

Label: Neos

Reference: 11016

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: Rotas is the last in a series of works based on the sator palindrome square, and is thus related to the clarinet concerto that formed the first work in the cycle. The soloist employs a wide range of extended techniques, and as the work progresses, microtones smaller than a quarter-tone increasingly come into play, enriching the timbral palette. The work is cast in a conventional three-movement form, with perhaps surprising levels of lyricism and consonance, despite the microtonal harmony. Wunderhorn-Musik is a series of impressions evoked in the composer's mind while reading texts from the famous folksong collection. They do not illustrate the texts, and the composer states that the titles are sufficient to evoke the atmosphere illuminated by the music, which is by turns delicate and fragile and scurrying, agitated and shadowy, all in a microtonally inflected freely atonal vocabulary.


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