GÜNTER RAPHAEL (1903-1960): Violin Concerto No. 2, Op. 87 (Northwest German Philharmonic; Jorge Rotter), Sonata for Solo Violin, Op. 46/2, Duo for 2 Violins, Op. 47/1 (Max Rostal [violin]), Duo for Violin and Viola, Op. 47/2 (Rostal [viola]), Duo for Violin and Clarinet, Op. 47/6 (Ulf Rodenhäuser [clarinet]), Violin Sonatas No. 1, Op. 12/1 and No. 3, Op. 43, Sonatina for Violin and Piano (Rainer Gepp [piano]), Jabonah for Violin and Piano, Op. 66a (Ernst Gröschel [piano]), Sonata for Violin and Organ, Op. 36 (Wolfgang Stockmeier [organ]).

Catalogue Number: 09M071

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 564

Format: CD

Price: $31.98

Description: The second volume of cpo's Raphael retrospective also consists of archival radio recordings. These date from 1978/79, 1982-84, 1987 and 1992 and all feature the composer's daughter on the violin. The 25-minute concerto was Raphael's last work and, of course, belongs to his late period in which he made use of twelve-tone techniques. However the piece pretty much ends up being tonal (Raphael called his use of the technique "tonal twelve-tone") and moves from an anxious first movement to successive, spirited fast movements. The nine other works, all but one duos of one sort or another date from as early as 1925 and 1933 (the very attractive violin/organ sonata) to 1951 (the reduction of an orchestral suite on Mongolian folk tunes [!]). All are approachable and some come near the contrapuntal style and ingenuity of one of his youthful models - Max Reger. 2 CDs. Christine Raphael (violin).


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