OSKAR FRIED (1871-1941): Fantasie über "Hänsel und Gretel" (Engelbert Humperdinck), Die Auswanderer for Speaking Voice and Orchestra, Prelude and Fugue for String Orchestra, Op. 10, Verklärte Nacht for Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 09M005

Label: Capriccio

Reference: 5043

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: You couldn't ask for four more dissimilar works: one of Fried's first compositions - the 1895 fantasy on themes from his teacher Humperdinck's opera (a 20-minute "opera-without-words" really) - one of his last before concentrating on conducting and, then, making recordings - the 1913 Auswanderer (a 21-minute setting for Sprechstimme and large orchestral nightmarish and expressionistic in its portrayal of deracinated peasantry trudging along toward a huge city). In the middle are the austere Prelude and Fugue of 1911, sounding for all the world like an orchestral transcription of an organ piece, and his own setting, post-Schoenberg, of Dehmel's nocturnal poem. Dating from 1901, this is an atmospheric, sensual piece of ten minutes redolent of the late Romanticism tinged with Expressionism of Schrecker. German-English texts. Salome Kammer (speaker), Katharina Kammerloher (mezzo), Stephan Rügamer (tenor), Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra; Matthias Foremny.


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