ANDREAS HAMMERSCHMIDT (1611/12-1675): Suites from Erster Fleiß: in D Minor for Gambas, in G Minor/ Major for Gambas, in G Minor/ Major for Winds and in C for Strings and Winds.

Catalogue Number: 09L016

Label: Ars Musici

Reference: 232231

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: In addition to his large œuvre of sacred music, Hammerschmidt also produced two volumes of dances, totalling 91 pieces in all. Way back in 1986, before his Astrée recordings, Savall selected 24 of these and arranged them into suites on this recording. Paduan, Galliard, Sarabande, Courente, Aria, Mascharada and Ballet are the names of the dances performed here, the latter three being rather less exact in nature than the others. Hesperion XX; Jordi Savall. Original 1986 release.


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