PHILIPP FAHRBACH SR. (1815-1885): Ocarina, Op. 330, s’Schwarzblàtl aus’n Weanerwald - Walzer im Ländler Style, p. 61, Talmi, Op. 304, PHILIPP FAHRBACH JR. (1843-1894): Storchschnäbel, Op. 149, Aus Sympathie, Fluide, Op. 133, La Perle du Brésil, Traum der Liebe, Op. 341, Zirkus, Op. 110, Souvenir à Madrid, Op. 304, Columbus, Op. 332, Pariser Opernball-Tänze, Op. 147, Im Kahlenberger Dörfel, Wiener Weltausstellungs-Marsch, Op. 90.

Catalogue Number: 08X034

Label: CPO

Reference: 555 179-2

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Conductor Simonis’ fifth release of less-known popular music dance composers moves on to this father-and-son pair. Like the Strausses, the Fahrbachs also composed superb dances and marches. Moreover, in the Vienna and Austria of those times the Fahrbach dynasty of musicians contributed enormously to the music culture and development of popular music not only in the capital city’s region but also beyond it. The titles of the works, the occasions of their composition and performance, and not least the music itself with all its allusions are in the oeuvre of the Fahrbachs just as much »history in music« as they are in the compositions by the Strauss family. Nuremberg Symphony; Christian Simonis.


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