GIOVANNI PICCHI (1572-1643): Intavolatura di Balli d’Arpicordo, 5 pieces from Intavolatura d’organo, ANNIBALE PADOVANO (1527-1575): Toccata, Ricercare, CLAUDIO MERULO (1533-1604): Canzon à 4 “La Bovia”, Toccata I, ANDREA GABRIELI (c.1533-1585): Canzon Francese detta “Frais et Gailllard”, VINCENZO BELLAVERE (c.1540-1587): Toccata, GIOVANNI GABRIELI (1557-1612): Fuga, Ricercare, Canzon I detta “La Spiritata”.

Catalogue Number: 08X013

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95998

Format: CD

Price: $9.98

Description: Picchi’s harmonic language was especially daring, and his flair as a performer is reflected in the style of his writing, which exploits the full range of the instrument. In complement to Picchi’s work, Simone Stella has chosen other jewels from Venetian composers of the time; Bellavere is another neglected figure nowadays, but the Toccata recorded here is a gloriously ornate example of the genre, alternating intricate counterpoint with filigree decoration. Simone Stella (harpsichord).


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