RAYMOND LUEDEKE (b.1944): Fancies and Interludes VI, GARY KULESHA (b.1954): ... and dark time flowed by her like a river..., JAMES ROLFE (b.1961: Drop, OSKAR MOROWETZ (1917-2007): Duo for Violin and Piano. The main work here is Luedeke's 38-minute Fancies and Interludes.

Catalogue Number: 08R073

Label: Centrediscs

Reference: CMCCD 21315

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The five 'fancies' (i.e. fantasias) present the two instruments as characters with different temperaments; the violin rhapsodic and passionate, the piano blunt and guttural. Paradoxically, though, it is often the piano's abrupt chordal statements or brusque gestures that anchor the piece harmonically in distinct tonal centers, while the violin's rhythmically elaborate and highly chromatic lines exist in a perpetual state of tension and instability. The interludes are fleeting punctuation, played inside the piano that separate the main movements, which chart a progression from antagonistic opposition to co-operative reconciliation between the soloists, as gradually the piano accompaniments become closer in mood and expression to the violin's material. This culminates in a wildly energetic dancing 'scherzo' and a 'finale' in measured, conversational counterpoint. The Morawetz is a thoroughly tonal rondo with determined, lively sections alternating with a rather lugubrious, dramatic theme. Drop, also very tonal, begins as a spirited, syncopated toccata, then evolves into long, ascending lyrical phrases. ...and dark time ... is based on a coming-of-age novel by Thomas Wolfe, and alternates passages of high passion and angst - somewhat atonal - with more 'stable' passages of resolute tonality, depicting the turbulent emotional states of adolescence. Jacques Israelievitch (violin), Christina Petrowska Quilico (piano).


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