ARTHUR BLISS (1881-1975): Piano Music, Vol. 2 - Suite (First Recording), Masks, 2 Interludes, Das alte Jahr vergangen ist (Bach), The Rout Trot, Triptych, “Bliss” (One-Step).

Catalogue Number: 08R053

Label: SOMM

Reference: CD 0148

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Not to be confused with the 1925 suite which appeared on the first volume of this series (December 2012 - 12O070), this one is quite early - circa 1912 and consisting of a Prelude, Ballade and Scherzo - and already shows the young composer focused more on the continent (mostly France) than on England. Masks (1924) suggests the Color Symphony in its succession of generic pictures: “Comedy”, “Romantic”, “Sinister” and “Military” and the other large-scale work, the late Triptych from 1970, consists of a reflective “Meditation”, a dramatic “Recitative” and a vivacious and brilliant “Capriccio”. Mark Bebbington (piano).


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