LUDWIG MEINARDUS (1827-1896): Luther in Worms.

Catalogue Number: 08R006

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 540-2

Format: CD

Price: $31.98

Description: A composer who never finished multiple attempts at formal musical training, couldn’t keep a steady position for more than a few years at a time and who ended up a virtual hermit, a bitter anti-Semite, Meinardus somehow managed to write a cantata on what might not seem to be the most dramatic situation of all time - Martin Luther’s confrontation with the Holy Roman Emperor in 1521 at Worms - that is gripping in its flow, full of attractive melodic hooks (ending with a positively Beethovenian setting of Ein feste Burg) and is over faster than you can imagine (where did those 104 minutes go?). It helps to be a rock-hard Lutheran true believer, I suppose, but Meinardus surely had talent as well. Too bad he wrote no symphonies... 2 CDs. German-English texts. Matthias Vieweg (bass), Catalina Bertucci (soprano), Clemens Löschmann, Corby Welch (tenors), Rheinische Kantorei, Concerto Köln; Hermann Max.


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