PETER DICKINSON (b.1934): The Judas Tree.

Catalogue Number: 08Q068

Label: Heritage

Reference: HTGCD 263

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: After a run of performances in the 1960s this music drama, which examines the controversial character and role of Judas in Christianity, "the dark side of the Divine imagination", disappeared from view. The work is an equal collaboration between playwright and composer, with much of the dramatic weight and unorthodox elaboration of the Biblical account being carried by the text. Pontius Pilate's objectively critical narrative dominates part 1; part 2 brings the music to the fore; part 3's shocking shift of historical perspective combines the two. Dickinson's eclectic score provides effective illustrative color, with a readily accessible popular touch, curiously reminiscent of Bernstein's Mass (which it pre-dates by some years), in a very tonal idiom with references to church choral music of several traditions. Historical amateur recording of acceptable quality. Texts included. Texts included. Camerata Chorus; Richard W. Dirksen. Rec. live in Washington National Cathedral March 24,25, 1967 - mono).


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