HAVERGAL BRIAN (1876-1972): The Complete Songbook, Vol. 1 - 3 Songs, Op. 6, Little Sleeper, Op. 13a, A faery song, Op. 13c, The soul of steel, Since love is dead, When icicles hand by the wall, Care-charmer sleep, Take, O, take those lips away, The mountain and the squirrel, The lost doll, What does little birdie say, Solloquy upon a Dead Child, Op. 13a, 3 Songs, Op. 13b, Legend for Violin and Piano, 3 Illuminations and John Dowland's Fancy for Piano.

Catalogue Number: 08O051

Label: Stone Records

Reference: 5060192780154

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Back in December of 2005, we offered a Toccata Classics disc (itself a reissue of a 1982 LP) with 17 Brian songs. Nine of the songs on this disc are not on the Toccata disc. As noted back then, Brian even in his earlier years (his 30s and 40s), was already avoiding pastoralism and picturesque quaintness in favor of something harder-edged and more European. Brian collectors will certainly want this, especially since it's part of a complete song series (there should be at least two and maybe three more discs to come). Each song, Hyperion-fashion, has its notes precede the song texts. Texts included. Mark Stone (baritone), Jonathan Stone (violin), Sholto Kynoch (piano).


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