JULES MASSENET (1842-1912): La Vierge.

Catalogue Number: 08O039

Label: Bongiovanni

Reference: GB 2452/53-2

Format: CD

Price: $35.98

Description: The last piece of Massenet's "feminine" sacred triptych after Marie-Magdeleine and Eve, La Vierge dates from 1880. Its outer movements ("The Annunciation" and "The Assumption" - whose prelude, "The Last Dream of the Virgin", is one of the most performed excerpts of its type) have the chaste, ecstatic purity and refined mysticism you'll expect from those earlier works, while the middle two ("The Wedding at Cana" and "Good Friday") are a bit more dramatic, with attractive dance rhythms in the former and an intense, declamatory style in the latter. 2 CDs. French-English texts. Denia Mazzola Gavazzeni, Chiara Pieretti (sopranos), Amor Perez (mezzo), Camillo Facchino (tenor), Coro J.S. Bach di Milano, "Ab Harmoniae" Symphony Orchestra; Daniele Agiman.


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