CHRISTIAN WESTERHOFF (1763-1806): Symphony in E Flat, Clarinet Concerto in B Flat, Op. 5, Concerto for Clarinet, Bassoon and Orchestra in B Flat.

Catalogue Number: 08O029

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 598-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: This young clarinettist is the first beneficiary of a meeting with and a "manuscript dump" from the late Dieter Klöcker. So, not only do we have two concertos involving that instrument and a symphony in the current, Haydnesque style (the latter is from 1796, the double concerto from 1790 and the other work undated but probably earlier) from this unknown violinist/composer who worked at the small court of Burgsteinfurt, then succeeding the successor of J.C.F. Bach at Bückeburg in 1796, but we also have the hope that Herr Manz will help take over the unusual Classical clarinet repertoire torch from Klöcker. Sebastian Manz (clarinet), Albrecht Holder (bassoon), Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra; Hermann Bäumer.


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