CÉSAR CAMARERO (b.1962): 34 maneras de mirar un vaso de agua, Monólogo 1, Mosaico 1, 7 imágenes de Saturno, Reverso 2, Monólogo 2, Trayect léquido, Nostalgia de un paisaje futuro, A cada momento.

Catalogue Number: 08M099

Label: Anemos

Reference: C33003

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Whether writing for ensemble or solo instrument, Camarero displays an acute sensibility for timbre and sonority. '34 Ways of Looking at a Glass of Water' is a study in sonorous texture, with saxophone multiphonics and a wide array of percussion effects producing a dense tapestry of sound effects. The piano pieces likewise exploit the possibilities of the instrument's resonant harmonic capabilities, alternating these devices (with some limited extended techniques) with fast, toccata-like material. The piano's harmonic resonances are a central feature of the ensemble pieces here as well; 'Seven Images of Saturn' consists of rich chordal material in slow motion, while Nostalgia requires complex preparation of the instrument to alter the harmonic structure of its output. Even in the more active sections of the ensemble work 'At Every Moment', one is aware of the composer's concern with the rich, fluid sonority of his intriguing personal sound-world. Taller Sonoro.


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