ALEC ROTH (b.1948): From California, Romantic Residues, HOWARD SKEMPTON (b.1947): 3 Songs for Jennie, BENJAMIN BRITTEN (1913-1976): 4 Folksong Arrangements, MAURICE RAVEL (1875-1937): 5 mélodies popularies grecques (arr. Carlos Salzedo [1885-1961]), ANDRÉ CAPLET (1878-1925): 2 sonnets, MARCEL TOURNIER (1879-1951): Le lettre du jardinier, CAMILLE SAINT-SAËNS (1835-1921): Une flûte invisible, GABRIEL FAURÉ (1845-1924): Morceau de concours for Flute and Harp.

Catalogue Number: 08K098

Label: Hyperion

Reference: CDA 67725

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Alec Roth follows in the steps of Britten by writing for tenor and harp and he uses texts by the Indian poet Vikram Seth, whose poetry he has set in other compositions as well, including an opera. The music is at the service of texts which are themselves absorbing and well worth reading (with or without music). Skempton's songs, each lasting little more than a minute, are clarity itself while the remaining third of the disc is given over to songs of the nationality with which one usually immediately associates the harp. Texts and translations included. James Gilchrist (tenor), Alison Nicholls (harp), Jaime Martin (flute - From California, Fauré and Saint-Saëns).


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