ALESSANDRO SOLBIATI (b.1956): Die Sterne des Leidlands, Sinfonia, Sinfonia seconda.

Catalogue Number: 08J099

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33760

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: As Solbiati's methods have nothing in common with traditional symphonic methods involving themes and key relationships, it is apparent that he had something different in mind in giving not one but two orchestral works this title. It is the element of form, of shape expressed in the medium of time, that preoccupies him in these cohesive and undeniably expressive works. The first symphony is in four movements, the second in two, which contain contrasting sections; the parallels to the opening allegro, dance-derived scherzo, slow movement and finale of the traditional symphony are unmistakable. But of course there is no tonal component here, and the quasi-development of initially purely gestural material is what lends these works their recognizable shape and sense of narrative progression. The earlier Die Sterne des Leidlands comprises the orchestral sections of a huge cycle of works for different forces based on Rilke, and exude an atmosphere of tension and melancholy, expressed through fluid, shifting orchestral textures. RAI National Symphony Orchestra; Daniel Kawka.


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