LUÍS URTEAGA (1882-1960): Ofrenda al Beato Pio X, Allegro maestoso, Marcha religiosa, Pastoral en forma de Canon, Pastorella, Responso, Tu Gloria Jerusalem - Meditación, Final.

Catalogue Number: 08J069

Label: Aeolus

Reference: AE-10581

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Born, educated and spending his entire career in the Basque region, it's remarkable that many of Urteaga's organ compositions were published in France and Germany but not in Spain. This collection shows us a devout, modest but talented composer of mostly sacred choral and organ music with little if any actual Basque musical influence. The works range from a ten-piece little liturgical cycle (Ofrenda) suitable for harmonium if no organ was available, to the Marcha religiosa, an extended and ambitious concert-style piece of over 12 minutes in length. Esteban Elizondo Iriarte (Cavaillé-Coll organ of Iglesia San Vicente, San Sebastian, Spain).


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