Piano Trios by Women Composers

LOUISE FARRENC (1804-1875): Piano Trio in E Minor, Op. 45, MÉLANIE BONIS (1858-1937): Soir-Matin, Op. 76, AMY BEACH (1867-1944): Piano Trio in A Minor, Op. 150, SONIA ECKHARDT-GRAMATTÉ (1899-1974): Ein wenig Musik, JULIA FRANCES SMITH (1905-1989): Trio Cornwall.

Catalogue Number: 07X064

Label: Gramola

Reference: 99225

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Searching for some more unusual repertoire for piano trio? Well, the Bonis appeared on MD&G 13 years ago and the Farrenc is a violin version of the original flute-cello-piano trio of 1857 which was her last chamber work and which is otherwise not available on CD but the only seemingly first recordings are the five-minute “A Little Music” (truth in labelling) from Eckhardt-Gramatté which was written when she was only 11-years-old (hint: it’s not avant-garde!), and the 1966 Cornwall Trio. Smith was born in Texas and the Cornwall referred to is on the Hudson, not in southwest England. In three brief movements, and lasting just over 13 minutes, it’s witty and playful with elements of American folk and popular music and has a very virtuosic finale ending in a Hoedown. Thomas Albertus Irnberger (violin), David Geringas (cello), Barbara Moser (piano).


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