VICTOR HERBERT (1859-1924): Naughty Marietta.

Catalogue Number: 07X035

Label: Harbinger Records

Reference: HCD3702

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Available for the first time on CD, the Smithsonian Institution’s 1981 first complete recording of Victor Herbert’s classic musical provides the listener with an opportunity to hear this brilliant score as if complete for the first time. (This isn’t me telling you this; this is the Smithsonian telling you!). The recording began as a concert at the Smithsonian Institution in 1981. The reception was so great, the company went right into the studio and recorded the 2-LP set under the direction of the Division of Performing Arts’ Director, James R. Morris. A young Judy Blazer played Marietta, an early step toward her becoming a Broadway star. Catholic University of America A Cappella Choir, The Millenium Chamber Orchestra; James R. Morris. The 20-page booklet contains much about the work and its performance history but no libretto (Don’t you have that memorized?).


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