WENCHEN QIN (b.1966): Violin Concerto “The Border of the Mountains”, Cello Concerto “Dawn”, Suona Concerto “Calling for Phoenix”.

Catalogue Number: 07T072

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.570620

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: These concerti are markedly different from one another, yet all share a masterful sense of color and gripping drama. Qin's idiom is far from conventionally tonal, yet the overwhelming impression left by these works, especially the two for western solo instruments, is of Romantic concerti with the philosophical drama and rich atmosphere associated with such pieces. The Violin Concerto and that for cello are both in a traditional three-movement framework. The Violin Concerto makes much use of massed gliding tones and clusters in its richly textured sonorous depiction of nature and traditional life, with some use of traditional folksong. The Cello Concerto takes its impetus from three verses by mystical post-Cultural Revolution poet Hai Zi, who committed suicide at the age of 25. The concerto has a powerful emotional momentum, like the violin concerto largely non-tonal though lapsing into frank tonality especially at climactic moments; both pieces have a strongly rhythmic finale with uncomplicated pitch material. The concerto for the nasal, shawm-like traditional double reed instrument has more in common with Chinese music and theatre - the piece was originally for traditional ensemble - but despite its overall sense of eastern descriptive stasis and a greater feeling of modal harmony it too has propulsive passages of more Western drama. Mengla Huang (violin), Li-Wei Qin (cello), Qianyuan Zhang (suona), ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra; Gottfried Rabl.


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