GEOFFREY BUSH (1920-1998): Mirabile Misterium (A great and mighy wonder), 3 Songs of Ben Jonson, Cuisine Provençale, Love for such a cherry lip, archy at the zoo, Yesterday, JOSEPH HOROVITZ (b.1926): Foie-gras, Romance, The Garden of Love, Lady Macbeth, Zum 11ten März, Malicious Madrigal.

Catalogue Number: 07T057

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.571378

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Bush made a significant contribution to English song, while Horovitz's modest but equally varied contribution includes Lady Macbeth, a powerful, harmonically astringent scena, as well as witty cabaret items and one song which, in its late-Romantic nostalgia, reveals his Viennese roots. Bush's Cuisine Provencale has elements of an operatic drama, while the cycle Yesterday enshrines ballad simplicity and deft word-painting. Mirabile Misterium sets medieval texts which explore various types of ecstasy, and archy at the zoo demonstrates Bush's zest and wit. No texts. Susanna Fairbairn (soprano), Matthew Schellhorn (piano).


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