ANDREAS CHRISTOPH CLAMER (1633-1701): Mensa Harmonica for 2 Violins and Continuo.

Catalogue Number: 07T012

Label: Christophorus

Reference: CHR 77406

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: This will interest fans of Muffat’s Armonico Tributo and of Biber’s Mensa Sonora since the only surviving composition by this choir master at Salzburg Cathedral was also written for the same Prince-Archbishop in that town in 1682, within a couple of years of theirs. It’s a blend of lighter Italian and heavier German styles with some rarer dance types - moresca, bransle, svitte and four saltarellos - as well as a long, deeply mournful Lamento in Partita I which is almost as long as two of the other six Partitas here (a seventh was too damaged to restore). dolce risonanza.


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