BORIS PIGOVAT (b.1953): Piano Sonata “Repentance”, BORIS LYATOSHINSKY (1895-1968): 5 Préludes, Op. 44, SAMUEL FEINBERG (1890-1962): Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 2, ARTHUR LOURIÉ (1892-1966): The Phoenix Park Nocturne, WILLIAM BAINES (1899-1922): The Lone Wreck.

Catalogue Number: 07S072

Label: Calliope

Reference: CAL1630

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Pigovat's 18-minute sonata is an unbroken span bearing little resemblance to sonata form. Beginning with a rhythmic ostinato in a gently rocking motion, it extends its pitch range and gradually reveals melodies with a distinctly Jewish flavor. This lends a modal feel to the tonal harmony that finally emerges as the music acquires density and momentum, progressively supplanting the searching, introspective mood of the opening with increasingly agitated embellishments of the themes, culminating in a relentlessly hammered alarum at the work's extended climax. A grand restatement of the theme then subsides into the mood of the opening, in gently lamenting melody. The booklet is unhelpful; clearly this is a work of vehement protest, and the notes tenuously link it to a Georgian film satirizing Soviet religious oppression from a couple of years before the piece was written, with which it shares its title, and this is a plausible subtext. We’re back on firmer ground with Lyatoshisny’s 1943 Preludes as this 17-minute sequence is derived from Ukrainian folk music Jessye Mebounou (piano).


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