LUBOMYR MELNYK (b.1948): Beyond Romance, Solitude No. 1, Sunset, Cloud No. 81, Illirion.

Catalogue Number: 07S071

Label: Sony Classical

Reference: 88985315582

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: This thoroughly agreeable disc is hampered by perhaps the most ludicrously hyperbolic booklet note ever penned, which hails Melnyk as 'the Prophet of the Piano' and quotes no less august a journal than the Kingston Whig-Standard enthusiastically proclaiming that '...the piano was always meant to sound this way!' The Ukrainian composer-pianist is in fact an accomplished minimalist, weaving hypnotic streams of piano texture out of somewhat Chopinesque harmonies in sometimes quite complex arpeggiated figurations. Some pieces feature genuinely affecting, tender melodies over the process-music accompaniment; in other cases the shifting tides of piano resonance resulting from the overlap of rapid patterns of modulating consonant - always resolutely consonant - harmony provide the work's musical substance. Lubomyr Melnyk (piano).


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