KRZYSZTOF MEYER (b.1943): Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano, Op. 90, Clarinet Quintet, Op. 66.

Catalogue Number: 07S068

Label: Dux

Reference: 1290

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The trio, from the late 1990s, is a substantial three-movement work in an astringent but decidedly tonal idiom. The work begins quietly and nonchalantly, but soon ratchets up the tension to arrive at a scurrying, agitated central section before subsiding into the mood of the opening. A short, abrupt scherzo separates this from the last movement, a sombre, introspective slow movement, more focused on its argument but less certain of its goals than the first. The quintet, a decade earlier, is deliberately modeled on the structure of Brahms' Op.114, which Meyer regards as the pinnacle of chamber music. There are no actual quotations, but there are distinct stylistic allusions and overall the work is more obviously tonal than the later work, the general vocabulary having much in common with Shostakovich, like many of Meyer's works of the time. Eduard Brunner (clarinet), Ivan Monighetti (cello), Pavel Gililov (piano), Wilanów String Quartet.


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