FRANCESCO SPAGNOLI RUSCA (c.1634-1704): 6 Sinfonie for 2 Violins and Bass, Sinfonia for Violin and Violone, Sinfonia for Violin and Spinetta, Sinfonia for Violin and Continuo, Toccata for 2 Violins and Spinettina, 2 Toccatas for Violin and Spinetta.

Catalogue Number: 07S010

Label: Vermeer

Reference: 40007

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: The origins and early life of this composer are unknown; all his surviving works are in Como, where he died. These pieces are split between Sinfonie in the style of the 1680s and several Toccatas which call for the rather unusual spinet and which may have been inspired by a similar work by Frescobaldi from 1628. I Solisti dell’Orchestra Barocca di Milano; Danilo Costantini.


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