CHARLIE CHAPLIN (1889-1977): Modern Times - The Complete Film Music (orch. Edward B. Powell [1909-1984] and David Raksin [1912-2004]).

Catalogue Number: 07R077

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 286-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: The score for this 1936 film (no dialogue, just some sound effects) is a remarkably complex and innovative work and Chaplin needed everything he composed to sync up perfectly with each shot in the movie. Conductor Brock has restored the score entirely both for this recording (the first since the one conducted by Alfred Newman in November and December of 1935) and for performing with showings of the film. This required using both the complete score and musicians’ parts (and it was a huge orchestra!) since dozens and dozens of changes were made after the score had been finished, often during the original recording sessions (which took a full month), and are only available in the margins, on the back of instrumentalists parts (or in some cases, on the back of pay stubs). Around eight minutes of music are missing entirely, meaning that the whole score comes out to just under 80 minutes. North German Radio Philharmonic; Timothy Brock.


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