JOHANN FRIEDRICH REICHHARDT (1752-1814): Am Flusse, Sehnsucht, Der Stern der Liebe, Rastlose Liebe, Liebesruhe, Rhapsodie, Des Einsamen Klage, Der Schmetterling auf einem Grabmal, Des Mädchens Klage, Das Bild der Liebe, Klage, Seufzer, Erlkönig, Meeres Stille, Trost in Tränen, Erinnerung, Heidenröslein, Schäfers Klage, Herbstgefühl, Der Abschied, Geistes Gruß, Der Musensohn.

Catalogue Number: 07R022

Label: Klanglogo

Reference: KL1510

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Fischer-Dieskau recorded Reichardt both early in his career (in the 50s) and late (for Orfeo in the 90s) yet very few other singers had time for him. Some of these settings (14 of the 22 texts are Goethe) seem so simple as to be rushed (like Erlkönig) but others are almost Romantic in nature (like Der Abschied). After all, Goethe felt that the composer had done more to make his poetry known than anyone else, so it may be that every now and then, we’ll get a little tribute to Reichardt like this (short though it may be at 40 min.). German texts. Reinaldo Dopp (tenor), Albrecht Hartmann (fortepiano).


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