KLAUS EGGE (1906-1979): Violin Sonata, Op. 3, Piano Trio, Op. 14, Duo Concertante for Violin and Viola, Op. 23.

Catalogue Number: 07P058

Label: Simax

Reference: PSC 1193

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Characterized by polyphony and a strong rhythmic energy, Egge's earlier music (the sonata is from 1933 and the pinao trio from 1940) uses the harmonies built on the intervals of the Hardanger fiddle: this is why you'll find yourself thinking that there is something definitely Nordic about this music but that there are no identifiable folk melodies (except possibly in the trio's finale). The linear, dissonantly polyphonic Duo from 1945 (revised in 1951) is much sterner stuff but, for the faint-hearted, represents only 17 minutes of this disc's thoroughly enjoyable total of 71. Einar Henning Smebye (piano), Tor Johan Bøen (violin), Bénédicte Royer (viola), Johannes Martens (cello).


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