MARIA SZYMANOWSKA (1789-1831): Complete Piano Music - 6 Menuets, Polonaise, Le Murmure (two versions), Danse Polonaise, 24 Mazurkas, Cotillon ou Valse figurée, 4 Valses for Three Hands, Nocturne in B Flat, Caprice sur la Romance de Joconde, Grande Valse for Four Hands, Serenade for Piano and Cello (Cheung Chau [cello]), 18 Dances de deifferentes genres, Fantaisie, Romance de Mondieur le Prince Aleksander Galitzin, 20 Exercises et Preludes, 6 Marches, Divertissement for Piano and Violin (Blanka Bednarz [violin]).

Catalogue Number: 07P021

Label: Acte Préalable

Reference: AP0281-83

Format: CD

Price: $50.98

Description: One could say that Chopin began where Szymanowska stopped. One of the first fully professional travelling pianists of the 19th century she was also among the first to produce stylized versions of Polish dances, especially the Mazurka, but whether humorous, sentimental, dance-like or virtuosic, she composed and played everything salons or royal courts might expect to hear. 3 CDs. Slawomir P. Dobrzanski (piano), Janka Krajciova, Eduardo Orozco, Thomas Alberici, Barry Chi Zhang, Virginia Houser (extra hands pieces).


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