EVARISTO FERNÁNDEZ BLANCO (1902-1993): Complete Orchestral Works - Vals triste, Impresiones montañesas, Obertura sinfónica, Pequeña suite, 3 piezas breves, 2 danzas leonesas, Obertura Dramática, Suite de danzas antiguas.

Catalogue Number: 07P009

Label: Verso

Reference: VRS 2094

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: Blanco chose the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War which destroyed his career after the year 1940 after which he was able to make a living for the rest of his life only as a pianist and arranger in zarzuela, revue and light music orchestras. The Obertura dramática is from that year and its innocuous title hides a three-part, 19-minute tone-poem in three sections - Desolación (the horrors and atrocities of the civil war), Acción (a ferocious representation of the war-crime bombing raids on civilians) but with a triumphant finale Homenaje a los héroes which includes several Republican musical references (plainly Blanco intended the work for his desk drawer and it was not performed until 1983). The 1921 Impresiones (a mandatory conservatory composition award-winner) is a splashy and cinematic 17-minute tone-poem while the 1932 dances from Leon are expertly harmonized and orchestrated pieces of folk origin; a more sparely-scored, modern style is revealed in the piezas breves of 1930 while the "Suite of Old Dances" of 1982 was the result of a Spanish music critic's intensive urging of Blanco to compose again - a conservative and richly scored 23-minute set. 2 CDs. Malaga Philaharmonic Orchestra; José Luis Temes.


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