THOMAS SCHMIDT-KOWALSKI (b.1949): Sternennacht, Op. 34/2, Meditationen, Op. 105, Leidenschaft und früher Tod, Op. 69, Die Wiederkehr von Atlantis, Op. 103, Impressionen, Op. 101, Elegie in F Sharp Minor for Viola and Orchestra, Op. 106.

Catalogue Number: 07N008B

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.551281

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: As I wrote in May, for the Querstand release of music by this composer: "Reviewers describing his retro style adduce such 19th century composers as Richard Wetz, Draeseke, Schumann and Dvorák." You can add Bruckner to that list for the Symphony No. 3, especially for its scherzo and long, 17-minute Adagio finale (very Ninthian). The other two discs are not arriving until just hours before this website goes live so, by now, you'll know what to expect; the third disc above is of tone poems. Emilian Dascal (viola), Leipzig Symphony Orchestra; Thomas Schmidt-Kowalski.


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