LUÍS TINOCO (b.1969): Ends Meet for Marimba and String Quartet, JOÃO PEDRO OLIVEIRA (b.1959): Espiral de Luz for String Quartet, RUI PENHA (b.1981): Perspective for Marimba and String Quartet, PATRÍCIA SUCENA DE LAMEIDA (b.1972): Dulce Delirium for String Quartet, JOÃO RAFAEL (b.1960): Verzweigungen for Quarter-tone Marimba and String Quartet, PEDRO CARNEIRO (b.1975): Lentement, music boxes floating... (whisper for JS) for Solo Cello, CLOTILDE ROSA (b.1930): Canto Circular for Marimba and String Quartet.

Catalogue Number: 07M118

Label: Etcetera

Reference: KTC 1399

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Tinoco's quintet uses the marimba to add a distinctive tone-color to the quartet in four movements using related material but contrasting character - fast and motoric, two of free and delicate character, and a rhythmically lively finale. Oliveira's work for quartet explores unusual sonorities, emulating electronic sounds though only acoustic instruments are employed). Penha's piece uses all 5 instruments in five vividly contrasting sections which exemplify different compositional processes, a complex sonorous tapestry of instrumental effects, owing aspects of their techniques to his studies with Lachenmann and Ferneyhough. Almeida's quartet was inspired by the character of Ophelia in Rimbaud's poem and Millais' painting, a freely expressive fantasia of complex textures. The Rafael employs the innovative quarter-tone extension for the marimba, allowing it to follow the strings into a heightened world of extended chromatic expressionism. Carneiro's piece is a solo cello movement from an extended work for mixed forces including electronics; an extended soliloquy, frequently suggesting the human voice. Rosa unites the marimba and quartet again in an harmonically rich and diverse language based on a free use of serialism and sonorous, highly colored textures. Pedro Carneiro (marimba), Arditti Quartet.


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