GEORGES APERGHIS (b.1945): Volte-Face, SALVATORE SCIARRINO (b.1947): Ai limiti della notte, 3 notturni brillanti, BERND ALOIS ZIMMERMANN (1918-1970): Sonata, GÉRARD GRISEY (1946-1998): Prologue.

Catalogue Number: 07M115

Label: Neos

Reference: 10920

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: Zimmermann's sonata of 1955 was among the first works to treat the solo viola as a modern instrument of the avant garde, free of the trappings of classical and romantic ensemble playing. This fractured, dodecaphonic prelude to a mediæval choral, only fully revealed in the final section, is a requiem for the composer's daughter, who died in infancy. The Sciarrino pieces, as is typical of the composer, explore strange, whispering, often pitch-less sonorities. Fluttering sounds and insect-like rustlings and scratchings abound, with very few instances of concrete tones, like traces of an intricate, ancient design, almost erased by the passage of time. Grisey's Prologue explores overtone series generated by a series of pitches (with the instrument's lowest string retuned). Having exhaustively explored the acoustic spaces opened up by this overtone spectrum, the piece enters a more active phase, with the addition of noise effects, rough grating playing that blurs the boundaries of pitch. The Aperghis consists of a succession of brief fragments, like a disjointed inner monologue, sometimes clear and coherent, suggesting allusions to classical models; sometimes hectic and exhaustingly diverse and varied, before collapsing in apparent exhaustion at the end. Anna Spina (viola).


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