SERGEI LYAPUNOV (1859-1924): Sonata in F Minor, Op. 27, Barcarolle in G Sharp Minor, Op. 46, Variations on a Georgian Theme, Op. 60, Fêtes de Noël, Op. 41, Nocturne in D Flat, Op. 8, Mazurka No. 8 in G Minor, Op. 36.

Catalogue Number: 07M073

Label: Divine Art

Reference: dda25084

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Another hard-to-find Olympia release in this series reappears on Divine Art. The major work, of course, is the big, romantic sonata of 1906-08, in the extended sonata-movement structure inspired by Liszt's sonata, its intensely dramatic and powerful musical language unified by use of cyclical structure. The other two larger works are the 1910 Fêtes, which use Orthodox hymns and folk melodies, and the 1914-15 Georgian Variations with their Caucasian-inspired theme. Anthony Goldstone (piano). Original 2000 Olympia release.


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