ANTON HEBERLE (17??-18??): Sonata brillante for Solo Csakan, Andante con variazioni for Csakan and String Quartet, Concertino for Csakan and String Trio, JOSEF GEBAUER (17??-18??): Csakan Sonata, Op. 17, KARL SCHOLL (1778-1834): Csakan Quartet, WILHELM KLINGENBRUNNER (1782-1850): 12 Walzer for Csakan and String Quartet, Op. 47, ERNST KRÄHMER (1795-1837): Concert polonaise No. 2 for Csakan and String Quartet, Op. 13, ANTON CSERMÁK (c.1774-1822): Romance hongroise No. 4 for Csakan and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 07M049

Label: Musiques à la Chabotterie

Reference: 605007

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The csakan is a Hungarian type of "walking-stick" recorder which appeared in Vienna in 1806. Composers such as those performed here produced around 500 works for it, most of them between 1807 and 1849. Here are 78 minutes of what you might have heard at a coffee house or moderate-sized salon in Vienna during the first half of the 19th century. Full color booklet with many photos (and an authentic Viennese hot chocolate recipe!). La Simphonie du Marais; Hugo Reyne (csakan).


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