KAISER FERDINAND III (1608-1657): Hymnus "Jesu Corona Virginum", JOHANN JACOB FROBERGER (1616-1667): Capriccio in F, Toccata in G, Capriccios XII and in G, Suite in B Flat, JOHANN HEINRICH SCHMELZER (c.1623-1680): Ritornello - Del silentio notturno, GIOVANNI LEGRENZI (1626-1690): Sonatas in C Minor and E Minor, LEOPOLD I (1640-1705): Sonata, GIOVANNI VALENTINI (1582-1649): Sonata Enharmonica, In te domine speravi, ANON.: Fantasias in G and in A.

Catalogue Number: 07M015

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 451

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: The viol consort survived in Vienna well into the late 17th century as the music here, by two successive Holy Roman Emperors and their most important court composers, attests. Klaus Mertens (bass), Hamburger Ratsmusik; Simone Eckert.


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