PAUL LANSKY (b.1944): Four’s Company (Curtis Institute Guitar Quartet), Angles for Piano Trio (Weiss Kaplan Stumpf Trio), Springs (Sō Percussion), Color Codas for 2 Pianos (Quattro Mani).

Catalogue Number: 06W052

Label: Bridge

Reference: 9532

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Volume 17 of this series (we must not have offered many of the previous volumes, but we can get them for you if you enjoy this one). And there is a great deal to enjoy in Lansky's witty, engaging, characterful little tonal pieces, exploring instrumental techniques and expressive capabilities across the spectrum, with meticulous craftsmanship. Four's Company for guitar quartet (meaning four guitars) explores the textures available when one instrument doesn’t have to provide both melody and accompaniment, as tends to be the way in solo guitar music. The piano trio contrasts lively pizzicati with gently melodious double-stopped textures, a fast, rhythmic waltz with melancholy lyricism. Springs puts a percussion quartet through its paces in a lively, kinetic series of brief rhythmic episodes, emphasising nimble rhythmic alacrity over room-shaking sonority. Color Codas plays with post-minimalist gestures in sumptuous tonal harmonies, two fast, propulsive movements flanking a slow, sultry one.


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