GIACOMO GOTIFREDO FERRARI (1763-1842): Works for Harp and Piano - Duetti No. 2, Op. 20 and No. 3 with 2 Horns ad lib., Op. 27, 15 Divertimenti with 2 Horns and Tambourine, Op. 24.

Catalogue Number: 06W021

Label: Tactus

Reference: TC760602

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Ferrari (some of whose piano trios and sonatas appeared in the same month in 2018 on this label and on Brilliant Classics - 05T029 and 5T030) was the son of a wealthy cloth merchant but after his father’s death in 1784, he decided to pursue a musician’s career, and from that time onwards his life was spent traveling a great deal and staying in the major European courts. These pieces reveal a musical cross-section typical of the aristocratic salons of late Classicism, characterized by a pleasant and elegant style. Other instruments such as horns and tambourine, whose parts could be played by occasional guests, were added for the private performances of these compositions. Roberta Alessandrina (harp), Corrado Ruzza (piano), Achille Fait, Martino Bortolotti (horns), Marta Sanson (tambourine).


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